Cookies with Nemi

Cookies with Nemi

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Strawberry Meringue Bars

This cookie is actually a bar.  It's baked in a 9x13 glass pan.  I coincidentally couldn't find my pan anywhere and had to wait another day and borrow one from Nemi's Aunty.
Once we got that figured out we were ready.

What I loved: I'm glad it was our first recipe because it was very simple.  There were three parts, but each section was very easy and had very few ingredients.  This crust was absolutely amazing.  The recipe says to just put it in the pan, but you have to mash it around with your hands like a pie crust.

What I would change: The coconut was a bit overwhelming to me.  I would cut it down, possibly by half.  Also the meringue has chopped almonds in it, and has to be spread very thin.  I would probably double the meringue next time to make it easier to spread. I also think there were so many textures going on you could probably eliminate the almonds all together.  I think you could super simplify this recipe by eliminating either or both of the coconut and almonds.  

Daddy said he could eat these cookies all day, that they could easily contribute to an ever expanding waistline.

There you have it! Let us know what you think about our first video blog post, and if there's a kind of cookie or ingredient you'd like to see us make next!

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